Posting a Blog in WordPress

Creating a Blog Post

  1. Adding Content to your blog is easy. Simply select the login button on your blog page. It will open up a new dialogue box and ask you for a user name and password. Type in your username as admin and the password (this is the one I supplied to you).








  1. This will then open up your dashboard. Go to the left hand columns and look for the heading POSTS.
  2.  If you select posts, it will bring up a dialogue box that shows all your current posts. You can edit or delete existing posts here.
  1. If you select Add new it will bring up a dialogue box that allows you to add a new post. Enter a title for your post. Click on the kitchen sink icon at the end of the first row of tools and a second row of Open the word document and simply copy and paste the information.  It will retain all the formatting you created in your word document. If you run your mouse over all the tools in the tool box it will tell you exactly what they do. You can also type your blog straight into the post.
  2. You can preview what your blog looks like on your site by selecting the preview button or publish it using the publish button which will automatically publish your blog onto your web page.
  3. You can insert image by selecting the upload/insert icons at the top of the tool bar. Select the 2nd icon, add image and a dialogue will come up asking you to browse your computer for the image/s you wish to upload. You can add a caption, change the image size or alignment to suit what you want. If you click on the image once it has been placed in your post you can reedit it or delete it.
  4. To add a youtubevideo..  Don’t use the add the video btn because it only adds a link not the video. Write a description in the text box of the video you are adding. Click the html tab on the add new post (you are presently working in visual).  Go youtube video,On the youtube video page  there will be a button to select embed icon, make sure the include related videos box is not selected. Copy code.  Paste the code above (while still in html) the caption and publish.