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Enquire now about making your website mobile and responsive.


Responsive and Mobile Design

If your looking for a website that is flexible and displays well on mobile phones, iPads, laptops and desktop then the best solution is a responsive website. Responsive web design provides an optimal viewing experience as the site adapts to each device with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrollingResponsive Design.

Mobile phones are now being used for a wide range of tasks, with a staggering 94% of users researching or buying products or services on their phones. It is therefore important to give potential clients a user experience tailored for mobile devices. 

This website is RESPONSIVE. In order to understand the concept view mobile versions of this site by clicking on this link or open the site in your iphone/smart phone or ipad. It will adapt for optimal viewing when accessed on any mobile device.

What's so great about responsive design?
1. With increasing mobile device usage it has become a new design solution.
2. The site only needs to be built once - you don't need to build a separate web, tablet and mobile version.
3. The content adapts to give the best user experience (you can even reduce content for the mobile user)

But don't panic…

Not everyone needs a responsive site, your site will still work on a mobile device, it just won't adapt to suite the size of the device. The majority of websites on the internet are NOT responsive but this is a changing trend as the mobile market continues to increase.

The decision to go responsive will depend on your target audience, business needs and budget. It does require more development time and cost, but Responsive design is becoming increasingly popular as it provides the user with a simpler and faster experience.

Please see my web portfolio for examples of this type of website.